Our theory

Our Theory


Like many of you, the very first time I saw a saber I was captivated. Like a moth to a flame (or in this case, a laser sword) I couldn’t keep myself away. Unfortunately, I was just a child when this captivation began, and my parents couldn’t afford the master replicas and limited edition hilts. So instead, I spent my days scouring other people's collections online. I studied the designs, the intricacies and reviews on forums all over the internet. I became a master from afar, fantasizing about one day having my own saber collection and designing hilts of my very own.

Enter Theory Sabers

Vader Saber
Theory Sabers

This brand is the culmination of the journey that started all those decades ago. I’ve gone from a saber-obsessed kid to now making the greatest sabers in the galaxy – with both legacy and custom hilts as well as some of my own Limited Edition Theory exclusive designs.

The Goal

The Goal

Star Killer hilt with glowing red kyber crystal

I built Theory Sabers for people just like me. The drive behind this brand is to bring top-quality sabers and accessories to fans at the most reasonable prices possible so that no one sees cost as a barrier to experiencing their very first saber. That’s also why each saber is backed by personal, responsive customer service that is here to help should any issues arise.

Civilized age

Civilized Age

Regardless of age, everyone should be able to feel the magic of firing up their very first saber and know the pride of displaying a collectible hilt.
Sabers are my passion, suited for a more civilized age. I guarantee to give you the best experience I can -  From a fan to a fan.
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