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The sabers we're looking for!

I have purchased a saber from another company previously, but with my recent purchase of a Theory Saber, I will never purchase from another company again! Theory Sabers are on a level of quality unmatched by any other! May the force be with you, always.

Ryan Withrow

Flag of the United States of America

Quality, Value, Service

I’ve purchased from an other saber company in the past and I was fairly happy. But Theory Sabers produced a product as good if not BETTER at a much lower price!! Then on top of that amazing customer service and support. I’m very happy to support my favorite creator and happy his product is AMAZING!

Gary Bone

Flag of the United States of America

Absolutely worth it

From the weight, sound, effects, and amount of customization. And the fact you can fight with it. Everything combined makes it entirely worth the money. Even comes with a stand. 10/10Published

Brett Galvin

Flag of the United States of America

Exceeded my expectations

Proffie is the best board around. The hilt is beautifully crafted and feels like authentic Japanese craftsmanship. It is a little weighty but not too much. Perfect for practicing combat. Blade is perfect and all sound fonts work well with the hilt. For my first ever saber, this is exceeded my expectations!

Tyler Matos

Flag of the United States of America


The attention to detail, the quality of the parts, the weight, the materials, the grip, man... just having it in front of me makes me smile. I cannot possibly have any regrets with this perfect collectible memorabilia. I always wanted a saber until Theory finally came along and did it right. Theory Sabers are the ones.

Marcel Lagos

Flag of Chile

Amazing detail

I made my own Dark Lord and Prodigal Son bundle. I chose the weathered saber rather than the shiny one. The box it came in was beautiful and all contents packed nicely and securely. The hilt and blade are gorgeous and quite sturdy! Very Exciting and I couldn't be more pleased. Already have 2 more on order.

Mark Walker

Flag of the United States of America

Well worth the money

A beautifully packaged and designed product. The detailing of the weathering was perfect, and feels like you’re holding something that’s as close to the real thing as it gets. The sound (Proffie), flicker effect, and smooth swing tech is as good as it gets. SWT and Team have been responsive to all my silly questions!


Flag of the United States of America

The Best

I have been saving up money to buy my first lightsaber for ages, and compared many many companies to find the right one - this saber is the best you can find on the market right now i think. the quality is incredible, and it seems to be made with so much passion and expertise. I started saving for number 2 now.

Julia Miglinci

Flag of Germany


This Saber Is magnificent, the level of detail, craftsmanship and design is outstanding. This weathered edition has the perfect old Republic look. This is my first of many Theroy Sabers sabers and I can't be anymore happier with this proffie edition combo, you truly do feel that you are one with the force.


Flag of the United States of America

Best Quality Out There

It is actually incredible, how well this hilt is crafted. It feels extremely good and very realistic, too. I am extremely happy with the purchase and I will definetely get myself another one. I can 100% trust Theory Sabers with delivering the best quality in products and customer service possible!

Christian Wiedmann

Flag of Germany

She is beautiful

No seriously, the hilt is fantastic! I was blown away by the condition it arrived in and how high quality the product is! I only ordered the RGB version as it was mainly for displaying purposes but, after receiving the saber and playing around, I wish I went with Profie! Thank you to Theory and the team! 100% satisfied.

Daniel Young

Flag of Australia

If you're a fan... get this!

Felt like a kid again getting this set!..both look great and function so sweet...great screen accuracy and fun, fun, fun.the Dark Lord Saber is flat out stunning to behold and the sound is wild! Awesome stuff!

Bo Rucker

Flag of the United States of America

This is the weapon of a Jedi

A very good replica of the most likely most iconic lightsaber. I'm still amazed how good the hilt feels in hand and how wield-able it is. Definitively worth the price, doesn't matter which board you choose. Very cool sound fonts, music tracks and blade options. I can't recommend this saber store enough.


Flag of Germany

My nana loves her saber!

My Nana (71) can not express enough how much she loves her saber. Especially after being extremely disappointed in the saber she previuosly built. Beautifully detailed. She loves how lightweight it is. It brings her back to when she used to twirl the baton as a kid. The joy on her face says everything.

Joshua Peterson

Flag of the United States of America

I love this thing!

This is my first saber since when I was a kid. I use it everyday! I love the hilt design and quality. I chose to get a proffie and I love the customization of it. I still can't believe I got such a quality saber for a reasonable price. The fonts and the exclusive music are great. I'll definitely be ordering more from you guys soon.


Flag of the United States of America

Awesome set of sabers

I ordered the Brotherhood bundle & I wasn’t let down. From the box & the presentation it says top quality. Theory Sabers show pure heart soul & passion from a true Star Wars fan. The sound fonts are awesome & I would 100% order again keep up the awsome work Star Wars Theory & thank you.

Simon Cowie

Flag of the United Kingdom

Fantastic quality

Arrived fast and well packed. The hilt (undamaged) was put in a nice and soft red sleeve. All the tools were included to tighten the blade and put in the screws to hold the blade. The pummel was easy to unscrew to expose the charging port. Everything was perfect I don’t have any negative things to say.

Noortje van Meel

Flag of the Netherlands

Great product

The hilt is amazing, since getting it I always find myself just looking at it or holding it, and when I ignite it I truly feel like I'm holding Anakin's lightsaber. I will definitely purchase another saber in the future. The snv4 effects are great for a starting (expensive) saber, my next one will definitely be a proffie though.

Holden Cruz

Flag of the Netherlands

Great hilt with great service!

I was impressed by the quick turnaround time! The unboxing experience was fantastic with small little touches. The saber itself is a hands down joy to wield. The custom fonts and background tracks are an absolute blast. I can definitely recommend Theory Sabers and love to see where the company goes from here!

Justin Daijogo

Flag of the United States of America

First saber is amazing!

This was my first time ever buying a proffie board saber with a neo pixel blade. This was an upgrade for sure! Customer service answered all my questions and was super helpful. The wait was fast! Build, price, quality was top notch. I will definitely be buying more sabers here. Thank you to theory and your team!

Benjamin Hastings

Flag of the United States of America

Strong with this one!

This Saber Is exactly what I expected and more. The smooth swing is indeed smooth and has many amazing sound fonts to mess with. The texture of this saber defiantly feels like it's weathered and not just a cosmetic add on. I would defiantly recommend this to anybody who is interested.

Diego Alvarez

Flag of the United States of America

Great saber for twirling

Got this saber cause it was affordable and overall aesthetically pleasing to look at. Great entry saber for people that want to start collecting sabers. Sleek design makes it easy to start doing cool twirl moves without any obstructions on the saber. 10/10 recommend!

Anthony Iasparri

Flag of the United States of America

Absolutely beautiful

Been a huge fan for so long and am very grateful to be able to purchase a theory saber!! Great quality, the sound is clear, lighting is perfect! The packaging you could tell had a lot of care to it unlike other companies that just throw stuff together in a box! 10/10 thanks theory sabers!


Flag of the United States of America

5/5 Stars!

Theory Sabers knocked this whole line of sabers out of the park! This was my first saber I’ve bought from him and I’m just blown away. I got the baselit RGB option but even the lowest, cheapest option is as good if not better than most other companies' higher trim sabers. Would definitely recommend.

Jeffrey Evans

Flag of the United States of America

Amazing 10/10

Wow! Wow, Wow, Wow, WOW! I have purchased many lightsabers in my time. For an "affordable" saber I am 1000% blown away. My god is this the best looking hilt, color, and sound fonts I have ever messed around with. The weight is perfect, the hilt is gorgeous, and the PACKAGING. Thank you so much, Theory!

Jake Padden

Flag of the United States of America

*Waves Hand*

I'm a huge Obi Wan fan, but I have yet to acquire a decent Obi saber... until now. Hilt looks and feels great! Weight is solid and the details are as pictured. It's fun exploring the different fonts and I will definitely be looking into adding more. Sound quality is legit on the SNV4.


Flag of the United States of America

Best lightsaber stand ever!!

I am blown away at the craftsmanship of the stand the quality of the metal and the different light variations are amazing. This was definitely worth it considering I have so many Light sabers already. You are planning on purchasing more than one Theory Saber, get this stand right away! Definitely worth the money.

Joshua Kurzitza

Flag of Canada

My dream ROTJ saber

This is my 2nd Proffie saber and I can honestly say the value you get in accessories with Theory Sabers compared to others is unmatched. Cannot be understated. My first saber was from another company and was lacking in the "what's in the box" department. Bottom line, I will be purchasing from here again!

Mark V

Flag of the United States of America


This saber is a must have for any prequels fan; it is so unique and the story that follows it is one of the best. The hilt has two buttons which are actually the gold part which is so awesome that its not just for looks! Incredibly well made and feels awesome to twirl and use. 10/10 put this on your bucket saber list!

Stephen Sandoz

Flag of the United States of America

Childhood dream come true!

This is my very first lightsaber and I can say I’m not disappointed. The added music by SWT are so fantastic and definitely add that extra effect. I swear I traveled back in time with these things to when I used to hold those plastic sabers you would get at Walmart. Amazing work, Theory.

Izac Cambre

Flag of the United States of America

Asolutely AMAZING!!

This saber is absolutely stunning. Once I opened the box and picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. Fantastic quality. You feel like you're holding an extension of yourself. I have a few other sabers from other companies and this just stands out. I’m 100% going to be getting more to add to my collection ;)

Philip Jendzo

Flag of the United States of America

Hidden Gem

While browsing I kept coming back to Robo ET-2. It was the best looking hilt in that price range. So I decided to pull the trigger and I scored Robo+SNV4. This is my first lightsaber with sound and it has exceeded my expectations with the quality of sound, lighting, options and overall manufacturing of the hilt.

Jason Hairston

Flag of the United States of America

This hilt is elegant

So freaking cool! My first saber with Proffie board! The packaging is second to none and that is a fact. I kept the box and everything in it because it is just that freaking nice. The sound is so crisp and everything so smooth. Love

Enrique Rodriguez

Flag of the United States of America

A Fine Addition

Taking this light saber out of the box and I'm already in love with this saber! The grip of this saber is so nice I feel comfortable holding it all day. The weathering makes it look beautiful and very detailed. The swing is so smooth and the blade is so bright it makes me think I took this saber right out from the movies.

Dieago Alvarez

Flag of the United States of America

Simply incredible!

This was my first saber purchase from any company and I’m truly blown away with the quality and care these are made with. From the small details of the weathering to the high quality feel in hand, I’m extremely happy with this purchase. Would love to pair this with the Ani III in the future!


Flag of Australia
Control meets power


Meets power

Vader Saber

Perfectly balanced, each carefully-crafted hilt holds the key to finding and forging your path forward with complete control over the power that rests in your palm.

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Meets story

Relive age-old tales or create your own legend with high-quality, fully immersive custom sounds that transport you to another world.

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Meets passion

From the metal body to the crystal itself, when you feel the quality, you'll know you're holding the greatest saber in the galaxy.

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